• Project Name: e: العقد رقم: 21603 – المناقصة رقم: وأ/257//2018-2017 توريد وتركيب وفحص وتسليم وتدريب وضمان محطة فضائية متنقلهHD
  • Client: Ministry of Information Kuwait


With the rapid developments and upgrades around the Global. The requirement of media is spontaneously increasing. Seamless HD and UHD coverage is the requirement of time.

Project Overview

Wajda Group was awarded the contract to supply, coach build, delivery, train and maintain the Digital Satellite New Gathering (DSNG) Vehicles for Kuwait TV (Ministry of Information). This project consisted of three DSNGs, single thread, redundant Yukons and Fully Equipped Mercedes Sprinter.

Project Kick-off

Upon the kick-off, the specialized team from UK visited Kuwait TV and finalized the design of all vehicles.The tender was in two parts:

Part 1 – Fully Equipped Mercedes Sprinter

Part 2 – Single Thread and Redundant Yukons

The Yukons were sent to factory for coach-building while due to local agent and model face lift issue, The Mercedes sprinter production was halted.

Coach Building (Part 1)

After eight months of order, we finally received the Mercedes Sprinter as per required specifications of KTV, the vehicle coach building was done in a very short time in UK, the coach builder factory claimed that it is the fastest DSNG prepared by them in 30 years of experience. This vehicle is the most advanced DSNG used in Kuwait, it is equipped with DSNG as well as Video & Audio Mixing and Switching Equipment which diminishes the use of OB Vans. The vehicle has the most robust and technically cutting-edge interior. It can take up to 32 channels simultaneously. It supports all DVBS/S2/S2X standards and has all video and audio profiles for SD, HD and 3G signaling. It carries a back upGenset to operation without commercial power. The Van is fully equipped to be used in the harshest environments of Kuwait such as High Temperature, Dust and Humidity. The DSNG is also equipment with smart sensors to gathering all environmental and operational data with alarms. This DSNG was delivered to Kuwait TV in April 2020.

Coach Building (Part 2)

The coach building of Yukons was completed in the specialized facility; and factory acceptance by Wajda and MOI Teams in UK. The satellite on these vehicles achieved fastest SAT lock ever seen by KTV among all vehicles. These vehicles are equipped with capabilities to transmit and receive SD, HD and 3G signals as well as recording equipment. The Redundant Yukon is1:1 equipped with seamless switching modules, which are able to use redundant Encoders without any loss of signal. They are also equipped with UPS for 15 minutes backup time in case of power cut-off. These vehicles were delivered in October 2019. They were tested vigorously by KTV engineering teams in Kuwait.

Reliability & Progressive

Due to worldwide pandemic, the training team could not travel to Kuwait. Wajda Specialized team who took the training by visiting UK from the coach building trained 16 Engineers from Kuwait TV staff on operation of Vehicles. The staff enjoys uses these vehicles due to below reasons:

  • The reliability of the SAT Antenna.
  • All features and capabilities of the vehicles.
  • Modern and cutting edge interior.
  • The vehicle is modernized will all features which are yet to be used in up-coming years.