Brief Summary

WAJDA International Technology Services W.L.L approaches telecommunications in an unique way. It has demonstrated its ability to undertake and execute all types of telecom installations and turnkey projects over the previous ten years, earning the trust of both local and international businesses.

WAJDA has been working in Bahrain since 2008.

Projects Details

Sr. No. Project Customer
1 E-Band MW Link Installation Zain
2 Supply & Installation of Roof Top Camouflaged Zain
3 Deployment of temporary sites BTC
4 Telecom Equipment Installation with CW BTC
5 Supply & Installation of Camouflaged Tower New Airport
6 OSP Huawei BTC
7 MPLS, DWDM & OLT Huawei BT
8 FTTX Huawei BTC
9 Front Office (NOC) Huawei STC
10 Drive Test Huawei STC
11 Pico Sites Installation Huawei STC
12 Lamp Site Huawei STC
13 IBS Huawei STC
14 Telecom Equipment Installation Huawei STC
15 MW Re-Homing Huawei STC
16 Power Up-Gradation for Core and Remote Sites Huawei STC
17 MW Link Up-Gradation Huawei STC
18 Antenna Modernization Huawei STC
19 TDD & FDD Installation Huawei STC
20 E-Band MW Link Installation Huawei STC
22 5G Installation Huawei STC
23 W900 Expansion Ericsson BTC
24 5G & 4G RF Antenna Tilting Ericsson BTC
25 5G Installation Ericsson BTC
26 RBS Generation Up-Gradation Ericsson BTC
27 MW Link Up-Gradation Ericsson BTC
28 Drive Test Teams Ericsson
29 HR Resource Ericsson
30 Core, Datacom & Enterprise Huawei VIVA
31 CCTV Huawei / MOI
32 CCTV Huawei / BIC
33 10 Wi-Fi Turnkey Huawei/Malls
34 Telecom Equipment Installation with CW Ericsson Zain
35 MW New Link Installation with CW Ericsson Zain
36 LTE TDD Installation Ericsson Zain
37 L800 Installation with CW Ericsson Zain
38 L2100 Installation Ericsson Zain
39 L2600 Installation Ericsson Zain
40 5G Installation Ericsson Zain
41 Telecom Equipment Installation with CW Ericsson BTC
42 L800 Installation with CW Ericsson BTC
43 L2100 Installation Ericsson BTC
44 L2600 Installation Ericsson BTC
45 Full Turnkey STC
46 Datacom STC
47 Existing Tower Strengthening STC
48 Supply & Installation of Camouflaged Tower STC
49 Existing Camouflaged Tower Rectification STC
50 TRA Documentation / Survey / Design STC
51 Power Up-Gradation STC
52 VIVA Shops Renovations STC
53 Temporary Sites (COW&GRD) Deployment STC
54 Mena Merger CW, Power & Telecom STC
55 Supply of TI, CW & Power Materials STC
56 110063 – Coca Cola Factory Subhan Phase I Refreshment Trading Co.
57 110083 – Petrol Filling Station#116 Hadiyah Soor Fuel Marketing
58 110176 – KISR Feasibility Study Hatchery and Fish Farm Specialities Construction Company
59 110200 – Maintenance of Marine Berths in DOHA PORT Phase II Specialities Construction Company
60 110102 – Ahli United Bank Jahra Branch United Traders Group Co.
61 110040 – Co Operative Society Main Warehouse at Sulaibia United Victory Gen. Trad
62 110181 – Con. No. 971 Secondary School Girls at Wafra Yusuf A. Alghanim & Sons- Engineering Group