Wajda Group General Trading & Contracting Company is an ISO Certified service integrator and solutions provider operating in the Middle East and Pakistan Region with the Head Office situated in Kuwait since 1988. For more than three decades, we are incorporated in the field of Telecommunications, Electro-mechanical, Civil, Trading and Media-Broadcasting with a strong footprint and fleet of in-house resources in each country. We are one of the leading Pakistani Telecommunication company in the region. We hold qualifications and registrations with government and private sector within each country as well as Regional partnership with Huawei and Global partners with Ericsson. We have earned a reputation for delivering successful projects and turnkey solutions for our clients by maintaining the Quality and standard in the market. We believe in innovating and going Global, under our vision 2030 “Let’s rise together”, we are always striving to expand our divisions and reshape business model. Therefore, with the on-going trend of AI &IoT, we are developing an Enterprise Division. Our skilled teams bring all the state of the art solutions and technologies to Kuwait and the region. We give equal opportunity to all nationalities including Kuwaiti and Expats. Our team encompasses multi-national team with the majority being Pakistani Engineers. Rather than always, hiring experienced staff in engineering division. We do follow open door criteria, for Fresh Graduates as well as those seeking internship or training opportunities during their studies to shape their careers in the field. Numerous Managers, Coordinators and Engineers has completed 10 years joined us as fresh Grads. In our office environment.

Our vision

To facilitate individuals and organizations globally in enhancing the quality of their lives through innovation and turnkey solution.

Our mission

To deliver the valued services timely to our esteemed customers and partners through a well-managed organization with Quality and Standard maintained.

Core Values

1. Process Orientation
2. Continuous Learning
3. Commitment
4. Excellence
5. Accountability
6. Making A Difference

1. Process Orientation

1.1. We have a clearly described framework of processes and procedures
1.2. Our operations are systems dependent instead of person dependent
1.3. We maintain the quality services and standards based on right processes
1.4. We review and improve the processes and procedures yearly with competent experts
1.5. We have uniformity in our processes at all stations

2. Continuous Learning

2.1. We analyse the changing market dynamics regularly and take proper measures to apply the learnings
2.2. We keep on developing ourselves to meet the changing demands of market
2.3. Our competence is maintained and improved by continuous training & development programs for all tiers
2.4. We keep ourselves abreast of latest innovations and technological changes in our field
2.5. The learning and awareness is shared with all stakeholders including business leaders, management and teams

3. Commitment

3.1. Commitment is ensured by designating right people for right jobs
3.2. We give incentives to our people for achieving the results they are committed to deliver
3.3. The responsibilities taken are written and frequently reviewed
3.4. All stakeholder in the management are the role models for their colleagues and subordinates
3.5. Commitments made by all tiers must be honoured timely, and leaving no stone unturned.

4. Excellence

4.1. We deliver excellence driven projects that our customer acknowledges and noticed
4.2. Environment, health and safety standards as described by Wajda and the customers are compliant by all team members
4.3. We maintain the required certifications at all the times that help us keep at par excellence
4.4. We are recognized by our customer’s annual excellence awards
4.5. We deliver projects within the allocated budgets, timelines and customer satisfaction level

5. Accountability

5.1. We follow RAAS (Responsibility, Authority, and Accountability System) at all tiers
5.2. We manage with the clearly defined KPIs top-down
5.3. All stations and departments have their own internal audit system to find out the loopholes and improve them
5.4. Quarterly performance review is part of our accountability program for all stations and departments 5.5. Bi-annual individual performance appraisal for all tiers supported by reward and recognition program
5.6. All stations are accountable for maintaining their respective profitability

6. Making A Difference

6.1. We are doing our business without compromising on our ideology and by maintaining balance between rights and duties
6.2. We provide innovative and unique solutions to our customers
6.3. We share our valuable ideas / discoveries openly with customers and managers
6.4. We apply most advanced knowledge and technology in our business ahead of our competitors to deliver more value to our customers
6.5. Design and implement turnkey solutions in accordance with the relevant standards

Executive Team